Friday, January 11th, 2008

A Message from the Other Side...

I read a great book over the last couple of days by Jack Ketchum 'The Girl Next Door.' It got me thinking about reading in general. When I was a kid, before the days when movies came out on DVD within a matter of months, before mind numbing video games, My Space and such distracting things-- I would get completely lost in books. I connected with the characters to such a heavy degree, when I finished the book, I was actually sad. I missed the personalities, the story, places in those stories. The world looked mysterious and exciting, or scary when my focus left the place I had been taken through by a great writer.

When reading a book, I would get so far lost in the story that when my Mother called me for something-- I would go hide somewhere to keep reading (big trouble). I was completely addicted to the story, dedicated to staying with the writer, lost in that writer's world. I did not see the writer as an arrogant person trying to get money from me. I would have given anything to meet those writers, get a letter from them; just anything. They were my heroes, and I did not see them in any other way. But, in those days -- things were not taken for granted because meeting an artist was more, or less a wild dream.

I am no different now. When I meet a writer, artist, someone who inspires me, and they write to me-- I get butterflies. I do! I even print some things out and save them away for Grandchildren I may have someday. Hopefully, the world will not be so jaded and easy that they will still be able to appreciate these treasures. Good word, had someone in my family owned two handwritten words from Edgar Allen Poe, or other amazing writer/artist/inspiration-- I would have fallen over with excitement.

So, what is it about today's day and age? Is nothing inspiring anymore? Do we not appreciate the gift of being able to touch our heroes in some way? Maybe it is all too easy, too convenient. There are too many options; nothing is a precious treasure as it once was? What does that do to people, our children, Grandchildren? It leaves them with little feeling of appreciation -- nothing to make their hearts beat with excitement over something rare. It is, what is wrong.

Do heroes keep those special notes from their fans anymore? Or, do they toss them off because they get many? It all goes hand in hand, I suppose. My future family will find every single supportive, sweet note concerning my work that has ever been sent to me. I know of quite a few artists who feel the same way. It is not for the vanity, but, for the kindness, support, love that can sometimes be missed while alone creating.

Who are the artists, heroes, entertainers anyway?

Many of them have always been entertainers. They were the kids that did something silly to make you smile when you were sad. The kids that jumped out and said boo, just to get you going. The kids that stuck little creative notes here and there to make you feel something--Maybe loved, or spooked. But, one thing for certain...they entertained you because that is what they this very day. They inspire something inside of you -- so you will react and inspire them. It is a circle. Inspire you, inspire me. For most artists, it is not about the money. Lord knows, it is not about the money. It is not about vanity. It is about reaction, cause and effect, give to receive...a feeling. It is not about getting rich because if it were, they might have chosen another profession. Do some end up financially wealthy? A rare few. Entertaining is about the love of something else -- like a child doing something for a satisfying reaction. Not only for them, but, for you--us--we. Play with me and let me make you feel something. Let's feel something amazing. You are being offered a vacation through imagination. You/we are being taken from our daily lives. This, is what entertainers do.

Many entertainers are not arrogant. They are of the childish dreamers -- flawed, quirky, silly, not nearly as serious as one might believe. These are the people stepping out of the box to create the strange and unbelievable for goodness sake! Talk about leaving vanity at the doorstep. So, one might say "If they are so down to Earth--Why do they not give me their constant attention?" Well, that is easy. They are busy creating the entertainment, which is why you appreciated them in the first place. Would you be upset with the child who did not give you their undivided attention because they were busy writing to you those darling notes? Why should that change? Entertainers are doing what they do best -- Creating to make their friends, family, fans, and people happy, which makes them happy.

"You did not write to me today. You don't care!" Pause... "I was making something for you."
This is what it really looks like to the creator, hero, entertainer, anyone who takes time to make something from scratch to please someone else--to please themselves, we and us. It is just another way of giving. No vanity, very little money. What money does come in, goes back into the creations in some way.

On another note:

Ordering a book, and mail. Tell me, those of you who know what I am talking about. How many of you, like myself -- get sick and tired of going to the mailbox, only to pull out nothing but junk and bills? This is just another thing from my childhood. Going to the mailbox. There is nothing like going to the mailbox and finding that something has arrived other than junk. I was a book, magazine junkie when I was a kid. I saved every penny to order a book, or something from a cereal box. I would wait and wait on whatever it was to arrive. It would drive me mad, but, I loved it. Nearly every year, someone would order a monthly magazine for me. I looked forward to the mail like nothing else, and when it came, I knew it was time to go find a quiet place to read and disappear into other worlds. I am still that way. I love getting good mail!

This may be just a bunch of rambling to you. But, I read a great book, missed the story when I closed it, and it got me thinking about a few things. My mind sometimes scatters in a thousand directions, so, if this reads as scattered, nostalgic thought--That is exactly what it is.

All of those authors, entertainers, creators out there in the world, and on My Space-- Thank you for entertaining me. You make my mind, imagination, and dreamy way a little stronger every day. I just want to stay a kid in one way, or another. You help me to do that. There is nothing I appreciate more than being taken away from all of this on occasion.

I wrote this as a reader, and one who loves to be entertained--
Not a writer today. I am a fan, and I adore every minute of it.

Love to you,

I know-- I am long winded when I am into it 'lol'


Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

It All Belongs To You ...

Beauty very often comes with intelligence ....It is rare they are seen out as a couple, they are too busy making love to care who may be watching the vicious act. The ultimate question remains ..What is beauty, who is beholding it, and why? Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder ...Be the beholder of your own beauty, be the beholder of your own destiny.

Adoringly, Grim Trixter ...


Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

Are You a Vampyre?

"Are you Vampyres?" Child of man inquired...

The shadows shuffled forward to lean over the tiny creature-
"As the Earth spun here before you, and by your very first breath...You are a Vampyre to all that blooms, roots, seeds- blindly...To one another and upon the very breast of your own mother."

The child thoughtfully considered this for a moment ...
"I did not ask to be created" answered the child~

The shadows turned to one another whispering, judging..
They shuffled back - "We say, in the unfortunate turn of events within creation's curiosity...We did not ask for you to be created either. Still, with the decomposition of your fleshy existence...Our Earth is fed...You reap and feed."

The child grinned - "So, you find a use for us after all?"

"Oh, child" the shadows replied..."But, for only in your death."

"Is there anything that I can do to make my stay worthy?" the child asked.

The shadows leaned into one another, whispered and judged, shuffled forward...
The child heard them giggling, snickering...They straightened up pulling serious looks upon the child, lifting chins and noses high most seriously.

"Yes," said the shadows...

"What, what is it!?" asked the child lifting a brow most curiously.

To be continued..