"True works of art in every respect of the word--combine them all and you have the recipe for a magical occurrence that meets us nose-to-nose, just when we least expect it, and it makes us open our eyes to the sheer beauty life has to offer." - Michael Laimo, Bram Stoker nominated author of The Demonologist, Deep in the Darkness, and Dead Souls

"Brandy Schwan's poetry is like a piercing lightbeam that slices through a treacherous myst. Her work illuminates the melancholy night and draws the reader into a vampiric world of dreadful dreams where Cabalistic puppet shows perform in the darkest corners of the shadows. Read her at your own risk, with closet door tightly shut." - Angel Uriel Perales, author of The Brown Recluse, Long, and The Curmudgeon and the Debutante

"Brandy Schwan is one of a handful of modern poets whose work I truly enjoy. Rich, humid, and simmering with dark sensuality, Grim Trixter is a Wicked Hot read!" - Brian Knight, author of Hacks and Broken Angels

"A rich, deeply satisfying, colorfully Impressionistic brew. Drink in sips so you can savor it. Brandy has a rewarding eye for natural detail and a keen passion that makes this collection a pleasure to read." - Paul Levinson, author of The Plot to Save Socrates

"Dark and inviting, like a glass of poisoned wine you gladly down...to the last drop...Brandy's works are just that...an elixir that envelops the soul, strangles and heart and leaves you begging for more ..." - Best selling, award winning Horror Sinisteria author Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc, 2005 "Preditors and Editors Winner" Horror Novel of The Year

"Brandy Schwan sings fresh words from her old soul. Heart-breaking humanity and probing soliloquies showcase an important face on the Rushmore of modern poetry which is destined to outlive us all." - Weston Ochse, Bram Stoker award winner

"Brandy Schwan's work is haunting, tragic and moving, and nowhere is her power as a poet of dark verse more evident than in this collection. Herein a veritable panoply of monsters, seething demons, and walking nightmares await, but perhaps the scariest thing of all is that once you've closed the covers, you'll realize that from the beginning, Ms. Schwan has merely been holding up a mirror so that we can see ourselves. Arguably the finest tome of its kind in years." - Kealan Patrick Burke, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Turtle Boy, The Hides, Vessels and Currency of Souls.

"The poetry of Brandy Schwan is powerful and passionate. Grim Trixter takes readers to that dark twilight world that sometimes borders our world. A world of desire and mystery, of sensation and soft whispers, of moonlight and shadow. It will leave you spellbound. Ms. Schwan is a great new talent." - Diana Hignutt, author of Moonsword and Empress of Clouds

Brandy Schwan's debut poetry collection titled Grim Trixter is now available for order from Apex Publications.

Schwan's unique writing style, mixed with dark and evocative imagery, has helped gain her many fans, including such noted horror authors such as Kealan Patrick Burke, Weston Ochse, Michael Laimo, and Brian Knight. She first caught the eye of publisher Jason Sizemore via her popular Myspace page.

With cover art from noted illustrator Gary Yap (The Simpsons, King of the Hill), interior art by Morbideus, and an introduction from the multiple Stoker nominated novelist Michael Laimo, Grim Trixter is a collection you won't want to miss.


Order Grim Trixter from Apex Book Company

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The Grim Trixter is back, this time with a limited edition chapbook collection of more than 30 hauntingly evocative poems that explore everything from nursery rhymes to modern serial killers.

Print run is limited 100 copies, signed by the author and featuring cover art by Lindsay Archer.

"Like a vintage wine, there is a distinctive sense of age to Brandy Schwan's poetry, as if she is not conjuring her words from thin air, rather transcribing it from the exotic whispers of a muse that is far older than she. And the voice of that muse, filtered through Schwan's elegant and masterful pen, is engaging, hypnotic and addictive." -- Kealan Patrick Burke, author of The Number 121 to Pennsylvania & Others, and Master of the Moors

"One might say, unequivocally, that it is impossible to improve upon perfection. Brandy Schwann has proven this old adage wrong with her new collection of poetry, Catacombs and Photographs. As she so deftly accomplished in her first collection Grim Trixter, Brandy brings readers a whole new feast of delights to tickle our minds with passages of dark love and images of regal want and loss. But what Brandy shows readers in Grim Trixter as an innate FLAIR for macabre verse, she displays an enhancement of her genius through a realized application of her talent. And what a talent Brandy is! She knows it, clearly, and now we all do as well. I urge any enthusiast of dark verse to relish in the beauties of Catacombs and Photographs." --Michael Laimo, author of Dead Souls and Fires Rising

This limited edition chapbook is now available from Apex Publications.

Limited edition chapbook for $9.95