Calling Out The Goddess Carniverous~

'You' - Your lush form blooms forth with radiant beauty innocent despite your lusty gore, bloodthirsty sharp toothed reaper's spirit- I can smell you as I lay out across your soft warming body~

You adorn yourself, flowers and delicate fine veined leafs the maiden Goddess, Oh, but you are in heat, your swelling sensitivities and pulsed potent sent, Creatures howl, scream, bellow, scratch and screech, growl, run and seek out breeding feasts! That shrill orgasm that bursts full your belly- Embryonic liquids swaying warmly intricate tiny forms they twitch, squirm, writhe to be thrust into your macabre world...So naive these helpless things!

Liar! How you do greet them, filling their senses those pretty perfumes- Sweet, sweet lilac promises, roses to lay upon a beloved chest of death! 'Your' fantasies provoke trust, ah, you cunning Bitch! And still ...They adore you ...

I wait through frozen turns, bitter winds, oh, still I am burning for you, to see you Face you, war with you because and I am not merciful- Sour fruits roll off of your tongue and you take the glory from later warmth while 'they' all welcome you, your pretty shroud deceives, Vanity is your name-

You offer 'them' sensual, gorgeous things to blind them, hide your gut boiled through Cruelty's cauldron. See me you do, and despise me you will as I am not fooled. Your charms I love, your spirit seeds and roots nurtured of withered rot...

That is where we buried him, my love, my heart while I listened to your lulling sounds, Your naive infants, full bellied creatures twittered and sang those trills and trills harmony to make pretty my mourning tears, raging screams, sorrows loss of breath, oh, it did grow shallow through spirit's death~ You do not fool me, you carnivorous thing... Birthing me soulless you have created your faux most viciously and

'You' - Your lush form blooms forth radiant beauty innocent despite your lusty gore, Your bloodthirsty sharp toothed reapers spirit- I can smell you as I lay out across your soft warming body~ I roll over to face you... Feel my furious heart impale as my sharp blade removes once again 'You, May!' From twelve...

Take my many tears to wet your Earth, feed your recreations, my sweetest beast, Somehow, insatiably, adoringly I still love you, innocent possibly you are within your careless murder of him, my love~ 'I remove you, May ... From twelve'

Ready your pretty weapons I am waiting for you, and

Published Work Brandy Leah Schwan 2007