The Devil's Door~

I am still here five feet from the screen door
it hangs from the hinges, shredded, broken-
You left me resting on this wood floor panting, nude and lush with memory,
My skin slick, sweat and dripping rage 'That vent'

Bitter sting on my cheek, thighs, high on my arms your furious grip remains-
I know, when the mirror reflects five fingers will be the slight ghostly outline,
Blushed, pink...

My wrists are burnt from the fight to escape your hold
salty, stinging delicate ivory-
Control, I still feel encircling my neck- I run my nails across for a softer touch...
Feeling this beat, pounding drum, my back throbs recalling that strong forceful meeting with the rough wall
I climbed to wrap shivering legs around your waist- You move me, within me, I am light as a doll in your arms
You could crush me if you struck a deviant notion~

Darling, how is your jaw? Your head snapped to the left returning to deliver a warning grin- Do you twist to ease shredding pain, crimson colored lust those battle lines,
Pain and pleasure
They do leave pretty scars- These sharp nails quickly slice branding you artfully mine~

The wicked things we said
Oh, those dirty bad things, I am humid, pulsing wet again,
Pink, swelled for the small center that is throbbing needing high heat and I scream out 'Desire!'

Do you feel my tongue glide up your sensitive side, slight bite at your neck, my mouth roughly consuming yours
Passionate devouring, heavy breathing, that thrashing storm brewing within insatiable licking, pulling tasting need!

I am still here five feet from the screen door, it hangs from the hinges, shredded, broken-
A cool breeze whispers through my body heat- Summer will bring with it many raging storms and I invite your possession openly~

Published Work Brandy Leah Schwan